Who we are

Driven by the sheer urge to excel in the field of medicine, Lune Pharma Pvt. Ltd is a name to be reckoned with. It is committed to its effort to cater genuine, high-quality yet affordable medicines to patients worldwide. Persistent research and development to come out with effective, humane, and quick solutions to help the suffering souls is our driving force and impetus. Lune Pharma Pvt. Ltd is inching towards becoming the Numero Uno in the field of Medicine.
It began its journey in 2022 dedicating its effort to invent effective drugs to cure various aspects of acidity and digestive disorders. In the domain of pharmaceuticals, our noble quest is to deliver a bouquet of premium, trustworthy, and accessible remedies to reestablish digestive well-being.

Our Operation

Lune Pharma specializes in the dynamic realm of pharmaceuticals, primarily focused on the marketing of pharmaceutical products. Our expertise extends seamlessly into the realms of both oral and injectable medicines. We focus on crafting a tapestry of healthcare solutions that are innovative, effective and affordable.